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Real efficiencies that improve Your Bottom Line

Blu Star’s optimization tools help you work smarter, not harder. Your techs will complete more jobs per day, resulting in improved profits. And Blu Star’s optimization tools honor special requirements such as meetings, personal time off, scheduled work hours, preferred tech, and “do not send” requests.

“Our Gross Margin increased 5 points in just 12 months. We grew revenues by more than 10% (YoY) with the same number of techs, resulting in a 5-point increase in our gross margin. The only thing different was the use of Blu Star’s optimization tools.”

~ Jeff Katzenberger, COO, Adam’s Pest Control

Build tighter routes

Build routes with less drive-time between stops for more production every day. Blu Star’s Route Map feature provides a visual map of the route and includes dollar values by month. Select results by technician, plan type, and/or service division.

Quickly find other techs that service the area
Better forecast revenue and order volume for staffing
Easily change technician, balance routes, AND notify customers of changes
Map orders by month, so you can see seasonality of new routes before changes are made
Quickly map “What If” scenarios, so you can see the effects of modifying routes before committing to changes

Plan smarter daily schedules

Blu Star’s Planner Map feature gives you the power to easily optimize your techs’ daily schedules by mapping orders for a day, week, or month, taking into account tech location, drive time, and already set appointments.

Integrates appointment data with Google Maps® to create the optimized route for up to 23 service stops
Techs can add appointments during the day and/or change times, and re-optimize
Cluster orders by day for an entire month
Organize an entire month for multiple technicians
Quickly reschedule orders from one day to another (i.e., rain day) or from one tech to another (i.e., out sick)
Select orders by plan type and various date ranges (ex: all ant jobs)
Honors set appointments dates and times
Honors technicians work hours, start location, and events

Schedule new orders without sacrificing efficiency

Find the most efficient opening OR the most responsive opening in the schedule. Blu Star’s Best Fit feature not only looks for open times, but can also reshuffle movable appointments for the most efficient schedule.

Include one tech, a group of techs, or all your techs in the search
Offer choices that work best for your customers
Find “most efficient” or “fastest response time” to meet customer’s demand
Select a technician, or group of technicians, with required skills
Select “Top 5 Area Technicians” by zip code and get top results for the past 3 months
Automatically includes appointments that can be moved and re-optimize results
Automatically prioritizes top results based on increased drive time (not miles)

Best Fit Optimization tool

Schedule multiple treatments at the optimal times

Easily schedule services that require specific timing between visits (ie: lawn and mosquito) using Blu Star’s Step Plan tool.

Schedule by specified number of days or an “Order Interval Date”
Fully integrated with other optimization tools

Schedule optimized routes faster

Blu Star’s Utilization Optimization tool (UO) helps your schedulers scheduler more jobs in less time and create denser routes. The UO tool was built to be scalable and is much more affordable and powerful than similar products on the market. With Blu Star UO, you can schedule service orders across selected technicians, taking into account a variety of business constraints and minimizing technician drive time and downtime. Schedulers select from a list of available technicians and appointment dates/times.

Get paid faster

Blu Star helps you “get your money faster” by accepting payments in the field, through the customer portal, ACH, and by supporting a variety of pre-pay plans and discounts.
With Blu Star, you have a choice of ACH and credit card processors, saving up to 30% of your credit card processing fees. And Blu Star is PCI Compliant – no credit card or ACH information is stored in our database, nor does it hit our networks.

ACH Processing
Yearly Pre-Pay
Auto Pay (CC or ACH)
Fast Check Processing
Credit Card Processing
Multiple payment platforms

Get Paid Faster

Easily Monitor and Increase Rates

Blu Star’s Price Increase Tool is an easy, yet powerful tool to increase rates on accounts that haven’t had a price increase in a determined length of time. It can also be used to monitor and assess finance charges on overdue accounts.