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It’s not easy to manage and grow a pest control business. The unprecedented rate at which our society is evolving and changing has created new challenges and a rise in competition.

Fortunately, Blu Star offers you opportunities your competition doesn’t have. Tools that help you gain a competitive edge by…

Providing better service than they do.

Blu Star is full of features that help you better manage your pest control business and, in the process, be able to provide superior service through faster response times, more time on the job, and a clearer understanding of service expectations.

Blu Star Mobile

Blu Star’s “Packages” feature maintains consistency of service by automatically presenting instructions and questions specific to a location that can be required to be completed prior to leaving the site. This feature can be especially helpful with chains and sensitive accounts that require specific service protocols. Blu Star Mobile also features:

On My Way Notification
Request Online Review
Inspection Points (IP) Scanning
Get driving directions
Customer Portal
Virtual Logbook
Drawings of the property or building and inspection points, overlaid on a picture of a property or a floor plan

Blu Star provides accurate, up-to-date records of inspections, materials used, device history, pest identifications, licenses, and more. Your customers and their auditors will find everything they need, whenever they need it, in an organized, online record.

Tenant Reporting

Wireless traps and bait station sensor

Blu Star seamlessly links to a wireless network of high-tech traps and bait stations (Bayer, Bell, Kenss) equipped with Bluetooth® sensors, providing 24/7 monitoring, real-time capture alerts, and up-to-the-minute rodent and wildlife management verification. Your techs spend more time on eradication and prevention rather than routinely checking empty traps.

Eco friendly
Faster response
Reports both traps and bait station activity
Improved audit readiness and compliance
More effective cause analysis – eliminates guesswork
Real time notification of when and where hot spots are occurring
When, where, and how much activity automatically collected for trend analysis and proof of efficacy

Developing deeper relationships with your customers

It’s an old business adage that customers buy from people. The business world is impersonal enough already. Real relationships stand out and create a powerful competitive edge. Blu Star provides unique tools to help you develop deeper customer relationships:

Request & Lead System

Blu Star Request System keeps you from dropping the ball by integrating a system for managing the details that keep your customers happy. Blu Star’s Request System captures all of the requests made of your company from customers, new sales leads, vendors, management, and employees. Website forms can also be fed directly into Blu Star’s Request System without any custom programming. And the requests can be asked of anyone: techs in the field, office staff, sales, CSRs, even management. Each request and the responsibility for fulfillment is assigned to an individual or to a group. Blu Star tracks the deadlines for all of the requests and escalates any request that is not completed on time to the manager, so it can never be lost or overlooked.


Blu Star DocTracs automatically tracks emails sent through Blu Star, so you know if and when emails were opened. Blu Star can even tell if the recipient clicked on a link within an email. And DocTracs gives you the ability to call up documents at a later date. DocTracs can also be used to record when statements and other documents are mailed or printed for mail delivery.

Letters/Emails Templates
List Management/Mass Emailing/Mass Letters

Leveraging new technologies and 3rd party applications

Blu Star’s open structure was intentionally designed to integrate easily with 3rd party software and apps. Blu Star software comes with several 3rd-party software applications already integrated that enhance the power of Blu Star:

Add Location (USPS, Sales Tax, Geocode, County)
Address Verification (SmartyStreets)
Sales Tax Rate Lookup (Avalara or SST)

And Blu Star has additional integrations built out for optional software:

Sharpspring sales pipeline and marketing automation

Communicating with Employees Better

Tech Portal

Blu Star Tech Portal is a responsive website designed specifically for technicians who use tablets and phones to give them additional tools and power they need in the field.

Blast Communication (to EE’s)