Actionable Data

Blu Star provides the information you need to successfully manage your business, right at your fingertips.

All pest management software make reports. Some too many, yet oddly not the all of the ones you want or need. Blu Star goes a step further by automatically emailing daily performance metrics (that would require running 20+ reports on other platforms) – formatted to make sense – so your management team, technicians, contact center agents, and admin staff can be informed easily and take action right away.

In addition to the many standard reports you need, we provide a graphic dashboard that select users can see at a glance what is going on.

“Blu Star gives my staff the information they need to manage our operations. The daily dashboard is super convenient with key performance metrics sent automatically without logging in and generating a bunch of reports. The information is easy to understand and easy to use.“

~ Russ Perry, Pied Piper Pest Control

Get critical information at a glance

Blu Star’s Daily Dashboard gives recipients a snapshot of the critical data they need to manage the business. With other systems, you might have to run and wade through the results of 20 or more reports. Our Daily Dashboard is tailored to the specific recipient and his/her role. Learn More

Graphical Dashboard with Gauges

View a specific company or by branch
30+ visual representations of your Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) at a glance

Dashboard Gadgets

Unparalleled insights for smarter decisions

Consistent, easy-to-learn interface allows you to generate PDF’s, grids with hyperlinks, or export to Excel or CSV. You can easily create reports with charts and graphs; and reports that highlight exceptions in your business, including:

Service Zone Reporting
Accounts Receivable
Production by Tech
Production Commission Report
Sales Commission Report
Sales Tax
Materials Used
Fleet Maintenance (Oil, Changes, etc.)

Not enough? Let us know what you need and we’ll develop a new report template for you that provides the information you want. Still not enough? Blu Star includes a query builder tool so you can get at the data yourself.

Know where your people and assets are in real time, 24/7

Blu Star GPSlogix Integration is a GPS-enabled fleet tracking and employee management system providing web-based access to live fleet tracking and asset management. Learn More

Easily monitor sales performance

Sales Reports
Sales Funnel

Reliably synch data between office and field

Virtual Logbook
Conditions with Pictures and Labels
Print in Field & Track
Tech Portal