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Blu Star is no ordinary software.
And we’re no ordinary vendor.

We didn’t start out to be a software developer. In our heart, we’re a pest management company. But to get the features and functionality we needed to manage and grow our pest control business, we developed some pretty awesome software.

Beginning with the very first code we wrote, Blu Star software is built to meet the ever-changing demands on the pest management professional. Its open architecture is designed to work with other software. Its state-of-the-art database is created to easily accept new technologies. Its daily dashboard provides mission critical information with just one click. And our customer support team walks alongside our users to provide the very best service at every step.

If you’d prefer working with a software partner that understands the daily demands of growing a profitable pest control business, give us a call. We would love to share with you how Blu Star helps us better manage our pest control company.

Limited Partnerships.

We don’t want a lot of new sales; we’re looking for a few good partners. We believe Blu Star software is only successful if it helps you be successful. And to that end, we provide not only comprehensive training and technical support on our software, but process improvement and business management support, as well. Our level of commitment means we can only offer a few exclusive partnerships at any one time. That way you get the attention you deserve.

Todd Leyse, President

Unlimited support.

Yep, support that is truly unlimited… no limit on support calls, no maximum number of tech support hours each month, no limit on the number of people in training, no limit on the number of questions… well, you get the idea. We promise to work closely with you to make sure Blu Star does everything your business needs it to do. And if something isn’t right, your personal representative will answer your call.

In addition to your personal representative and a dedicated support team, Blu Star provides built-in support features, including:
Context Sensitive Help – Each screen or function in the software has a unique “Help Page” that provides additional information and explanation of the function being performed. We call it “Context Sensitive Help” because the information is tailored to the situation. In addition, there are many “How To” pages that document features that span screens or applications.
Built-in Training Videos – cover common functions such as adding a location, adding an order and Blu Star Mobile functions.
Proprietary support ticket system – Blu Star comes with a sophisticated built-in support ticketing system that can be used to report errors or issues, request new features or changes to existing features, request additional training or documentation, or if you encounter Internet/Network errors.
Comprehensive Users’ Manual

Your employees will love using Blu Star.

We made Blu star easy-to-learn and easy-to-use. Its intuitive design will get your staff up and running efficiently in no time. Desktop dashboards are tailored to the individual user, so employees see what they use most often. Large tile icons make finding functions and navigation easy. And migrating legacy data is simple using templates.

Your employees will love Blu Star

Fair, Upfront Pricing

Tired of hidden fees and additional costs for “add-ons” that should have been included in the first place? We understand. That’s why Blu Star’s pricing is simple, upfront, and includes all the features you want.

A better cost per user than other platforms
No nickel and dime costs for extras
No hidden fees
Unlimited # of salespeople and inside sales people on a plan and orders
Unlimited # of techs on plans and orders

A developer that responds quickly to your needs

Blu Star was developed using “Agile” practices and values which means no more waiting years for promised fixes. Blu Star’s team of developers interact daily with our customers to deliver meaningful, working software enhancements on a fast and predictable basis.

Additional Support to Help you Grow

As our partner, you have full access to The Collabetive’s resources, tools, and expertise to help grow your pest control business. You will find experts in management, process improvement, entomology, and marketing; each with extensive experience in pest control. You can get assistance with:

Strategic and Operational Planning
Process Improvement
Staff Entomology Services
Traditional and Digital Marketing Services

Software that grows with you

The right version to meet your growing needs