Daily Dashboard

Getting critical business information summarized and delivered daily isn’t magic…

It’s Blu Star.

Blu Star’s Daily Dashboard gives owners and supervisors a snapshot of the critical data they need to manage the business. Every night the dashboard is automatically emailed to a selected group of managers. The data is gleaned from more than 20 separate reports (and some math) and is tailored to the specific individual and his/her role. No need to login or run reports to get the data; you can even view the dashboard in the field on your phone or tablet. Every morning, your managers will know at a glance the status of the company, their team, and individuals on their team.

Daily Dashboard

Blu Star’s Daily Dashboard includes critical management information such as:

Orders for the month, orders completed, orders remaining, and percent complete.
Contract Sales (number of sales and annual dollar amount) sold by technician, sold by others, and added to a route
Route size (number and annual dollar amount), so you can quickly see if a route is getting too big.
Recent sales, so you can give positive reinforcement to those helping you grow.
With GPS Integration, you will see maximum speed through the day, first ignition on, last ignition off, time in service, miles driven, idle time, and more.
Technicians can get a similar report specific to them and their routes.