Know where your techs and assets are 24/7

GPSlogix, a GPS-enabled fleet tracking and employee management system, provides web-based access to live fleet tracking and asset management. Blu Star’s GPSlogix integration lets you tracks your vehicles* and delivers real-time insights throughout the day to any web browser, smartphone, or tablet.

Track a vehicle’s location and movements for an entire day on a map and on a timeline
Real time mapping of one or all vehicles/assets, including color coding to show which vehicles are stopped, moving, idling, or not reporting.
Alerts include:

    ● Excessive idling
    ● Off hours use
    ● Engine diagnostic codes
    ● Entering or leaving a geofence
    ● Engine On
    ● Loss of power (such as dead vehicle battery or being unplugged – each unit has enough battery to report typically three times after losing power)

With programs starting at only $19.99 per month per device, you won’t find a better value than GPSlogix. Ask about volume discounts.

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