Software to manage a pest control company, developed by a pest control company.

Well, that makes sense.

In our heart, we’re a pest management company. It’s never been our goal to become the largest software company. We just want to have the best software.

Our philosophies

Listen to the client. Ask why they want to do something, in a curious way, not in a condescending way. If we can understand the root reason, we can often propose an existing method or develop a method that works best for them and other clients.

Develop rapidly through good development tools, skilled, experienced programmers (zero turnover so far), and an agile development cycle. For example, we developed our mobile and went live in just 4 short months.

We want to integrate with third party software. Why recreate the wheel? We embrace where there is a need, as opposed to some who shy away from it, fearing they look bad when the third party breaks.

Other services offered by Collabetive Services, LLC

Suite of Products to Help You Manage and Grow Your Business Profitably (or take your business to the next level)

GPSlogix – All the features you need at an affordable price.

Use standalone, or Use with Blu Star Fleet which helps you track fleet services like oil changes, annual inspections, and reminds you when they are due or overdue.

Integrates fully with Blu Star Constellation or Blu Star Galaxy.