All the tools to optimize field productivity

No more downtime, rushed service calls, or long customer waiting periods. Now you can have happy clients and happy techs with scheduling and route optimization software that delivers efficiency and flexibility. (Your schedulers will love it, too!) 

Easy-to-use scheduling

  • Cloud-based platform provides access, editing and viewing schedules from anywhere at any time.
  • Integration with Google Maps for visual presentations of orders, accounts, technicians, and vehicles/assets.
  • Drag and drop scheduling.
  • See one or more technicians by day, week or month at a time.
  • See a custom group of technicians defined by scheduler, by area, or another parameter.

Route Optimization

  • Best Fit — finds the most efficient OR most responsive openings in the schedule for one tech, a group of techs, or all your techs. Blu Star not only looks for open times, but can also reshuffle movable appointments for a more efficient schedule.
  • Planner Map — easily and efficiently map orders for a day, week, or month, taking into account tech location, drive time, and already set appointments.
  • Route Map — Quickly map multiple routes and see “what-if” effects of modifying routes before committing to changes.
  • Blu Star optimization tools honor events such as meetings, personal time off, and scheduled work hours. 

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