Greater Field Productivity

Blu Star Mobile 

  • Enter notes and take photos for each location and condition
  • Scan barcodes, include reasons for skipping inspection points, note, detail materials used, and more
  • Captures GPS location for paperless reporting, including non-order items such as odometer, vehicle info, and events
  • Read, create, and respond to requests from office, customers, and on behalf of others
  • Send images of receipts, daily work reports, and other paperwork – saving on envelopes, stamps, time/gas to mailbox, and more
  • Time-In and Time-Out on orders as many times as you want
  • Supports accounts with multiple buildings, floors, units, and services areas
  • Voice Recognition for hands-free auto population of common drop-down data, such as “2 Mice Captured”
  • Audio instructions prompt tech to the next inspection point and confirm voice recognition commands 
  • Operates offline without a significant loss of functionality and quickly and automatically syncs when a connection is reestablished 
  • Optional Mobile Invoice Printing

Advanced Mobile

  • Maintain consistency of service with Blu Star’s “Packages,” instructions and questions specific to a location that can be required to be completed prior to leaving the site. This feature can be especially helpful with chains and sensitive accounts that require specific service protocols
  • On My Way notifications
  • Request Reviews
  • Request materials from warehouse
  • Get driving directions 
  • Draw the property or building and locate inspection points, overlaid on a picture of a property or a floor plan

Tech Portal

Blu Star Tech Portal is a responsive website designed specifically for technicians who use tablets and phones to give them additional tools and power they need in the field.

Wireless trap and bait station monitoring

Blu Star seamlessly links to a wireless network of high-tech traps and bait stations equipped with Bluetooth® sensors, providing 24/7 monitoring, real-time capture alerts, and up-to-the-minute rodent and wildlife management verification. Your techs spend more time on eradication and prevention rather than routinely checking empty traps.

  • Real time notification of when and where hot spots are occurring
  • Reports both traps and bait station activity
  • When, where, and how much activity automatically collected for trend analysis and proof of efficacy
  • Faster response
  • More effective cause analysis – eliminates guesswork
  • Improved audit readiness and compliance
  • Eco friendly

Material Tracking

Blu Star helps you better track and manage your material use, comply with regulatory requirements, and save money by eliminating waste.

  • Detailed inventory records
  • Track materials from warehouse to technician
  • Reconcile with accounting
  • Easily add/remove materials from inventory

Digital Logbook

Blu Star provides accurate, up-to-date records of inspections, materials used, device history, pests identifications, licenses, and more. Your customers and their auditors will find everything they need, whenever they need it, in an organized, online record.


Blu Star GPSlogix Integration lets you know where your techs and assets are throughout the day. 

  • Alerts
  • Track a vehicle’s location and movements for an entire day on a map and on a timeline
  • Excessive idling
  • Off hours use
  • Entering or leaving a geofence
  • Engine diagnostic codes
  • Loss of power (such as dead vehicle battery or being unplugged – each unit has enough battery to report typically three times after losing power)
  • Engine On
  • Real time mapping of one or all vehicles/assets, including color coding to show which vehicles are stopped, moving, idling, or not reporting
  • Units for mounting on trailers and lifts too