Features you’ll only find on Blu Star Software

In addition to all of the features you would expect to find with comprehensive field management software, Blu Star offers a few unique capabilities to make your life easier and improve your customer experience:


Blu Star DocTracs automatically tracks emails sent through Blu Star so you know if and when emails were opened. Blu Star can even tell you if the recipient clicked on a link within an email. And DocTracs gives you the ability to call up documents at a later date. No longer can a customer say, “I didn’t get that email.” DocTracs records when statements and other documents are sent or printed for mail delivery.

Blu Star Request System

Blu Star Request System keeps you from dropping the ball by integrating a system for managing the details that keep your customers happy. Blu Star’s Request System enables the capture of all the requests made of your company from customers, new sales leads, vendors, management, employees and they can be asked of anyone; techs in the field, office staff, even management.  Each request and the responsibility for fulfillment is assigned to an individual or to a group. Blu Star tracks the deadlines for all of the requests and escalates any request that is not completed on time to the manager, so it can never be lost or overlooked.

Plus, our Blu Star API enables your website forms to be fed directly into Blu Star and the Request System without any custom programming. Leads can be automatically assigned to your sales team and/or agents.

Daily Dashboard

All the information you need to manage your business right at your fingertips. Daily Dashboard combines dozens of reports and nightly emails the summary report to your management team. Your managers will know at a glance the status of the company, their team, and individuals on their team, including:

  • Orders for the month, orders completed, orders remaining, and percent complete.
  • Contract Sales (number of sales and annual dollar amount) sold by technician, sold by others and added to a route
  • Route size (number and annual dollar amount), so you can quickly see if a route is getting too big. 
  • Recent sales so you can give positive reinforcement to those helping you grow.
  • With GPS Integration, you will see maximum speed through the day, first ignition on, last ignition off, time in service, miles driven, idle time, and more.
  • Technicians get a similar report specific to them and their routes.

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