Blu Star lets you send customer invoices and statements via email or mail; and handles unique customer requirements.

Price Increase Tool – easy, yet powerful way to increase rates on accounts that haven’t had a price increase in a determined length of time and to monitor and assess finance charges on overdue accounts.

Blu Star Accounting

Set your own terms – Net 30, Net 45, Net 60, etc. Match your customer requirements.

Handle unique customer requirements. For example, needing to enter invoices into their system without sending an electronic or hard copy of the invoice, but not wanting to miss invoicing the customer. No problem — simply use Blu Star’s Special Handling flag.

Do you ever invoice someone monthly for a quarterly service? Or invoice them quarterly for a monthly service? Or invoice them monthly for multiple services in a month? Use our Invoiced Only tied to Service Only (we call it IOSO), which gives you an accounting to make sure no one is overpaying or getting free services. Plus our price increase tool respects this, increasing both sides of the IOSO setups.

Print invoices in the field and track if they were printed and delivered or not.

Send your customer invoices and statements via Email or mail.

We have Parents accounts and contacts too – great for those commercial accounts.

Do you do charity work? Use our Service Only which does not affect A/R but you can still give production credit to those techs doing the service if you want.

Do you ever invoice accounts without performing a service, such as for a Resale Product? Use our Invoice Only.

Regular Orders, Service Only Orders (SO), Invoice Only Orders (IO), Invoice Only Service Only (IOSO), Prepay – we have your billng needs covered.

Blu Star Email/PDF and Request Templates

Use our Template System for creating Emails and PDFs for printing or emailing. Templates allow you to quickly prepare, send, and record into the system what appears to be a customized email. With just a few clicks, you can include information from the location, the order, or the plan (the description of the ongoing service). You can select from a variety of templates, including new customer, Prep Instruction Sheets, internal lead distribution, cancel communications, collections letters, and more.
The Request System has a similar template system to save time.